Over the last fifteen years, Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) has seen an incredible amount of redevelopment that has translated into billions in new investment. From adaptive reuse of former commercial buildings to residential use, to a newfound civic pride in the development of a new ‘central’ park.

Much like the rest of Los Angeles, DTLA has its own sub-neighborhoods, of which Chinatown is one of its most historic. Chinatown has a long, multi-cultural history mixed in with Los Angeles’ early industrial years. Originally called Sonoratown, in the 1850s the area was home to a community of immigrants from northern Mexico. Over the years, the neighborhood became an important enclave of immigrant communities from Greece, Italy, Croatia, France and most recently China. Old Chinatown was originally located where Union Station sits today. The construction of the station in 1938 led to the push of early residents to today’s Chinatown. The community has flourished since.

Today’s Chinatown has a long history that includes immigrant communities from Mexico, Italy and Croatia. Chinatown is benefiting from DTLA’s economic and development resurgence, welcoming new restaurants and residents to the very walkable Chinatown streets. One outstanding feature of Chinatown is its transit accessibility. It has its own Gold Line Station, as well as easy access to LA’s major transit hub, LA Union Station.

RedCar has a successful track record and presence in Chinatown, and since 2014 has had its headquarters here. Each property is in some stage of redevelopment, and all are being repositioned in a way that increases its value to the community, its users and our investors.